Rearz Lil Monsters

Posted by on Apr 29, 2019 in ABDL, Rearz | 3 comments

Sometimes (well, actually a lot of the time) I like to let the little side of me out to play…sometimes even somewhat incognito.  A week or so ago I wore these Rearz (brand name) Lil’ Monsters ‘training pants’ to work.  Typically, I will wear “little” clothes like training pants around the house in the evenings and to bed.

I don’t wear them for incontinence issues; I wear them for the comfort and secure feeling they provide…but mostly because I’m just really a little kid trapped in an adult body.  If you understand, great; if you don’t, that’s okay too…just don’t knock it.

Anyway, these are thickly padded “underwear” with a cotton/stretch fabric with cute little monster characters on them.  They are super comfy and really fun to wear (for me).

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    cute toddler boy. 🙂

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    Love them! I’m putting those on my shopping list, and I want to try Tykables Training Pants too.

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