Red AvidLove Bikini

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Red AvidLove Bikini

I bought these underwear in a 4-pack from Amazon last summer (2018) for me and my boyfriend (we each took 2 pair).  These red AvidLove micromodal bikini briefs are wonderful.  I bought size L, and I think they fit me great.  Even though they are slightly sheer, I truthfully like just about everything about them…except the garment tag in the back.

I’m not going to write out too much for these.  The modeling video within this post provides the details of my opinions on these; this is the first video that I more or less provide a verbal review of the underwear.

Here is the description of these underwear from Amazon:

  • Material: Micromodal. MicroModal is the Microfiber version of Modal and is more ideal for intimate apparel due to its superior softness. This material is smooth, soft, highly sweat-absorbent and breathes extremely well. It’s cool to the touch, absorbent and similar in texture to Silk.
  • Design: Specially designed pouch enhances your package giving you an attractive and “big” profile, very comfortable and supportive, help you keep everything in place and up front. Low-rise cut make you more attractive.  The waistband is durable and eco-friendly, which eliminates scratchiness and gives you a fresher and healthier feeling.

I hope you like the video; please leave some feedback.

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  1. Avatar

    They do look nice. I will have to check them out!

    • UndieFan

      They come in multi-packs from Amazon. I should have gotten the pack with red, white, black, and blue. Thanks for stopping by (again). 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Another briefs that enhance and insinuate the form of your bulge. Definitely, my fave type of briefs, and the best on you 😉

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