Red Cotton-Stretch Lupo Briefs

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Red Cotton-Stretch Lupo Briefs

For today’s post, I have my beloved showing off some red cotton-stretch Lupo briefs I had sent him.  I do tend to send him undies; we both like it A LOT when we can match what we’re wearing.  It’s awesome ’cause sometimes we match without even “planning”…we got a serious connection, y’all. He looks sooooooooooo good in red, don’t you think? 

I used to buy Lupo underwear straight from them, but they market their stuff on Amazon now.  Frankly, the shipping is faster, so it’s nice.  The only problem is their selection on Amazon seems to be limited.

Anyway, here’s the description Amazon provides for these great Lupo Underwear:

  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Lupo men’s essential waistband cotton briefs are made for supreme personal comfort
  • Mostly cotton content keeps you feeling great all day long
  • Fits to make you look great
  • Soft and smooth texture feels great against the skin
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