Red Emporio Armani Thong

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I got this red Emporio Armani thong from Macy’s online store.  I have a few more of them in other colors (steel grey and black, I think).  They are pretty comfortable as far as thongs go…a nice stretchy material that supports in the right places as well as gives where needed.

These are great for more active outings.  I often will wear this under compression pants/shorts when I go to the gym or more strenuous walking.  I will say they really aren’t great to wear when hiking, though…it’s better to wear a moisture wicking brief (like ExOfficio Give-n-Go briefs) for that.

Anyway, I think this looks good on me…I feel sexy in it anyway.  It’s fun to think that I’m wearing something so (insert descriptive word here) underneath my jeans to work.  Hope you like.

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  1. Avatar

    This post is getting Sir’s official seal of approval!
    The discolored photo is a nice touch and very fun.
    I’m very pleased overall, boy!
    Good boy and good job. Keep them coming, you hear? 😉

  2. Avatar

    I’ve been eying up one of these at Dillard’s. I hope to pick it up when it goes on sale. Their briefs are comfy.

    • UndieFan

      They are super comfy, for sure.

      And yes, definitely try to catch them on sale.

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