Red ExOfficio Give-N-Go Briefs

Posted by on Apr 4, 2019 in Colored Briefs, ExOfficio | 2 comments

So here’s the story about this set of photos:  in 2018, we took a three week vacation looping out West for a total of just at 5,000 miles…was a lot of windshield time, for sure. 

We made several stops along the way; one of which lasted 4 days.  We stayed at a roadside hotel in a tiny town in Southern Utah centrally located between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. 

Although you cannot really tell it’s where we are, this set of photos was taken at a scenic overlook in Bryce Canyon National Park.  A couple tourists happened to drive by.  I have no idea what they might have thought about seeing a guy outside in his underwear, but I don’t really care, either (it’s kind of exciting to me, actually).

Anyway, I’m wearing some size medium Red Give-N-Go briefs made by ExOfficio.  Truly, these are great underwear for hiking and being outdoors…they move with you, they breathe easy, and dry quickly.

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    great pics – I’m always turned on by shirts tucked into briefs – not enough guys seem to do it these days. Keep it up!

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