Retro Cowboy in Staffords

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These photos were taken in the summer of 2018 during our big trip out west.

We were doing some local sight-seeing (actually driving up a gravel rock road through some pasture land toward what we were told was a canyon/park area).  We stopped a few minutes in from the main road to get these pictures.

As you can see, I’m wearing the GO RETRO tighty whities t-shirt that my boyfriend got me, a Brad Paisley (country singer) cowboy hat, and of course small Stafford blended briefs (super comfy).

As all good models do (lol), I posed as best as I could in my ensemble…having a great time the whole while.  It’s so much fun being outside in my underwear!!  In these lands, though, you gotta be on the look-out for snakes!

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