Retro Stripe Waistband Jockey Briefs

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A couple months ago, we were shopping a Jockey outlet store, and I saw a pair of women’s panties in this style (meaning, the main color being charcoal grey and the neat waistband).  I was thinking at the time “man, I wish they had those in a men’s brief.”  Now, I’m not completely opposed to wearing women’s underwear, but the pairs they had in-stock would not have fit me.  BUT…

A few weeks ago I was at our local mall and, as I almost always do, I go through the department store men’s underwear department to just look around and see if there is anything new.  Well what do you know, I find these Jockeys at Macy’s…they had a tag on them saying they were “exclusive to Macy’s”.

Obviously, I bought them.  I even went back to buy a pair for my boyfriend…I was lucky, too, because they only had one size medium pair left.  So in total, I got one pair for each of us.  I hope he notices that I wore “our” Mickey shirt with these underwear…seemed fitting/matching to me.

I’ve been bad, though, I haven’t gotten them mailed to him yet…was waiting on one other thing to arrive here.  I’m going to get them shipped out to him tomorrow or Tuesday.

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