Sea Turtles from MeUndies

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Sea Turtles MeUndies

The Sea Turtles from MeUndies briefs are a very special addition to my underwear collection.  Sea Turtles are near and dear to my heart.  Here’s the story:

We went to Cancun on vacation for a week in October 2013.  On one of the evenings, we were part of a group of folks who were privileged to get to release a batch of newly hatched seat turtles.  The idea was to release them at night so that the swooping seagulls wouldn’t get at them before they even had a chance to get out of the sand.  So, we got to set several down on the shoreline just after the tide came in.  When the tide went back out, the little turtles got washed into the sea…  It was one of the most endearing (spiritual even) experiences of our lives.

About the underwear well, what can I say….a picture (or five) tells a thousand words?  Also, I hope you like the modeling video as well.  Why not give me some feedback?

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  1. Avatar

    This print is awesome 🙂

    • UndieFan

      I just got some new ones the other day, too…can’t wait to try them on and show them off.

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