Stafford Shower Scene

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Stafford White Briefs

About a week ago, I surpassed the mark of 2000 followers on Twitter.  I couldn’t be more pleased and excited about this milestone…after all, I’ve only been on Twitter since August of this year…so, four months?

Anyway, I asked for suggestions for a ‘special’ post and one follower suggested “a shower in white briefs”.  Well, here you go.  I must ask forgiveness for the quality of the photos.  These are actually still captures from a movie I shot…and for some reason the quality just kinda sucks (I must have had something off on the settings).

Still…a shout-out to all my fans on Twitter and here.  Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes.

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    I like the white comfneat briefs. Can one buy just white L ?

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