Star Trainers in a Hot Tub

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White Star Training Pants

As part of our weekend cabin getaway in mid-January 2018, we had the opportunity to do a little hot-tubbing.  For the Midwest, the temperatures were quite pleasant…in the mid-50s.  We got a lot of great outdoor underwear photos during that cabin stay.

But for this post, I figured I would show you some photos we got of me wearing some ABDL training pants while “playing” in the hot tub.  Now, these training pants are not diapers but rather thick cotton briefs.  While they are absorbent to a point, they really can’t soak up a full-on submergence in a bath or hot tub.

Still, they were VERY fun to wear in the hot tub and play around.  I wish I had brought some tub toys along…like a little boat or something to play along with.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fun post.

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    That looks fun! I really must add Star Training Pants to my ABDL collection.

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