Stonemen Horses

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I don’t remember when or how I was introduced to Stonemen underwear, but I knew that once I saw them, I had to get some one day.  That day came on August 5, 2018.  I got a good deal on 3 pairs: “Lake”, “Forest”, and these “Horses”.  The Horses pair are my favorite and are featured in this post.

Stonemen is an Australia-based company that prides itself on creating “something beautiful from the ordinary”, providing “soft cottons and beautiful curated prints for their” underwear.  The fabric is a comfortable blend of 95/5 cotton/spandex that provide a soft, supportive feel without being constricting.  Size large fits me wonderfully!

I remember I took these about a month ago in my kitchen while having some milk in my Superman coffee mug. A friend/fan had a ailing horse, and I thought I could cheer him up by posting a few selfies on tumblr of me in these Horse briefs.  All I do know is: his horse got to feeling better real quick. I hope you’re doing well, “Mike”.

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  1. Avatar

    Wow! I love them! They look great on you!

    • UndieFan

      Thanks again, Tommy. I appreciate you coming back and leaving encouraging comments.

  2. Avatar

    Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • UndieFan

      I have a couple more of those briefs with different designs. I’ll have to share those, too. Thanks for visiting, Kristian!

  3. Avatar

    This, again was very kind and sweet of you. My horses are doing very well these days.
    Thank you little cowboy man.
    I will let you ride and then afterwards we can go out for ice cream like usual? 🙂

    • UndieFan

      Glad to hear the horses are well.

      • Avatar

        You’re very sweet and kind, thank you.

        🙂 they said to tell you hi. LOL

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