Sunday Fruit of the Loom Briefs

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Fruit of the Loom Classic White Briefs

After a night out on the town, I was slow in getting out of bed to start my Sunday.  Finally though, I crawled out from under the covers, grabbed a fresh pair of tighty whities and a t-shirt, strolled into the bathroom for a quick shower, and went to the kitchen to figure out something for breakfast. These photos are of my Sunday Fruit of the Loom briefs.

I took these selfies midway through getting “completely” dressed for the day.  My ensemble was complete once I finished putting my Calvin Klein t-shirt on.  Oh, and I had white socks on to match.

I ended up making a 3-egg ham and cheese omelet with a couple hash-brown patties.  Having an omelet on Sunday is fairly traditional for me, but normally I use a few more ingredients like peppers, some onion, and even some sausage crumbles.

Wait, this blog/post is supposed to be about underwear.  Obviously, I’m sporting a pair of tighty whities…Fruit of the Loom white briefs, men’s size medium.  They fit me pretty well when they are freshly worn, but they do tend to loosen more than I prefer as the day goes on.  Still, I think they look pretty good.

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