Superboy in Dino Trainers

Posted by on Nov 3, 2019 in ABDL, Rearz | 2 comments

Rearz Dinosaur Training Pants

A number of weeks ago, I sent a snapshot of myself in these new (to me) Rearz Dinosaur training pants to a twitter friend/follower of mine. I seem to remember him asking if I had a t-shirt that I thought would go well with it.  I told him about this Superboy t-shirt that I had…thinking it would match up well.

A couple days later, I was getting ready for work so I put on this ensemble.  I think I wore some loose-fitting, black track pants with it, too.

Oh, you may also notice that I have some red calf sleeves on.  Sometimes I get cramping in my lower legs.  My boyfriend suggested I get some of these; I often wear them to bed (that’s when the cramping/aching is the worst for me), but that day I wore them too…mostly because they are red and they “went” with my outfit.

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  1. Avatar

    I’m most definitely going to order these! And, they look great on you! I wear Tiger Training Pants a lot and I recently ordered Trainers from Tykables, when they arrive I’ll post a pic in the discussion forum.

    • UndieFan

      Thanks Tommy…I can’t wait to see!

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