Teamm8 ‘Super Low’ Coral Brief

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Teamm8 Super Low Coral Brief

Oh my gosh…I was sooooo excited when I got these Teamm8 briefs through my subscription to UnderwearExpert.  You have no idea.  I couldn’t wait to try them on and model them for y’all.

They are too perfect.  They are absolutely exactly as they are advertised on Teamm8’s website: “If you’re after a stylish low riding brief then our best selling Super Low is for you. Unbeatable comfort and quality with underwear that doesn’t sag, doesn’t ride or lose shape ALL DAY LONG.”  As of this post, they are available in Black, White, Coral (these), and Cornflower Blue.

Mine are size “L” and fit me wonderfully (to my taste anyway).  They are a cotton/spandex blend, and like Teamm8 says: don’t sag, ride-up, or lose shape ALL DAY LONG.

Anyway, I love these briefs; I hope you like ’em too.

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  1. Avatar

    I like the color. I think I have one pair of Team8 briefs but have yet to wear them.

    • UndieFan

      Get on it then…wear ’em. SHOW ME YOUR UNDIES!

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