Tie-Dyed Stafford Tighty Whities

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Tie-Dyed White Stafford Tighty Whities

Several years ago we opened a some new packs of blended Stafford white briefs with the idea to tie-dye them in different styles and patterns to create some unique underwear for me.  This pair of tie-dyed Stafford tighty whities is one such pair.

These are size small, so they fit snug but not super tight…tighty whities, hee hee.  As you may know, the blended Staffords are a mix of cotton and polyester as opposed to the regular 100% cotton variety.  I prefer the blended ones as they seem to keep their shape throughout daily wear and, I think, they are much softer.

Anyway, I hope you like these neat tie-dyed Stafford tighty whities; they were fun to make and are even more fun to wear.

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