Tiger Underwear Before My Shower

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Red and Blue Dash Trainers - Tiger Underwear

I was on vacation for most of the last two weeks.  While I was able to get some cool underwear photos/selfies, I didn’t manage to get a lot of stuff posted.  Still, I got this set of selfies taken of me in Tiger Underwear before my shower one morning.

I had taken 5 pairs of trainers from Tiger Underwear to wear at nights while on vacation (they are very comfortable and help me feel safe and secure…I can’t really explain it any other way: either you “get it” or you don’t).  Anyway, these “tigey trainers” as I call them are a cotton/polyester blend and because they have 4 layers of fabric in front and in back, they are super soft and comfy.

Like I said either, this set of selfies was shot in the bathroom before my shower one morning.

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