Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 11JUN19 (us)

Posted by on Jun 11, 2019 in Brooks Brothers, Tighty Whitie Tuesday, White Briefs | 0 comments

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday y’all.

This week we’ve got a special treat for you.  While my boyfriend and I normally (even without coordinating) match our underwear (it’s uncanny).

Instead of making two posts (one for each of us) I decided to combine them into two.   We are both wearing some classic white briefs from Brooks Brothers.  Mine are a little bit different in that my waistband has “346” on it…not sure what the real difference is in the garment as both are 100% cotton.

Anyway, I hope you like this week’s installment for Tighty Whitie Tuesday.  Have fun guessing which picture is which (who is who)…it shouldn’t be a problem.

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