Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 27AUG19 (him)

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Hanes White Briefs

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday y’all.  For today’s special day I have a special treat for you: my boyfriend in some classic Hanes tighty whities.  Recently, I had mentioned to him that I didn’t think I had ever seen him in Hanes white briefs and he agreed.

A few days later, he picked up a pack of them from a local Walmart.  Now, I’m not necessarily saying he bought them just to show me….but he did.  🙂  Anyway, he laundered them before trying them on, and this set of selfies is the world premiere of him in these awesome tighty whities.

I told him that they looked wonderful on him (he looks wonderful in them), and I asked him how he liked them.  He said “the Hanes briefs fit perfect and help up well all day.”

I would have to agree…they fit him PERFECT!

Have a great week!

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