Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 2JUL19 (me)

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Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday everybody!

For today’s special day I chose some of my favorite Jockey low-rise cotton-stretch tighty whities.  Jockey used to sell (I say ‘used to’ because I haven’t seen them in a year or so…online or in their outlet stores) these in 2-pack of roughly coordinated colors and patterns.  I think the pair that came with these was a grey-blue pair with a white pin stripe at the base of the waistband…I’ll have to look for them in my Jockey drawer.

Anyway, these are made of a cotton-stretch fabric.  These particular briefs are size medium…they feel great on me.  I will say, though, that they don’t breathe super well but they do dry fairly quickly.  Also, these have Jockey’s “Stay New” feature, so although these are a number of years old, they have not ‘faded’ or gotten dingy…they are still just about as white as they were when they were new (even though the lighting for the photos may not show it). 

I hope you like the ‘modelling video’; I am enjoying doing them.  Please take a moment to let me know using the form below.  And, you can follow me on Vimeo if you wish to do so.

Have a great week y’all!

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    The videos are great! Another way for us to get a feel for the undies 🙂

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