Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 5MAR19 (him)

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WOOHOO, it’s that awesome day of the week again: TIGHTY WHITIE TUESDAY!!

So, here’s the scoop.  I’m a bit under (isn’t it funny that I started typing ‘under’ and automatically finished it with ‘wear’ without even thinking about it…I do that a lot; thank goodness for the backspace key)…oh yeah, so I’m a bit under the weather but my boyfriend sent me this set of selfies for Tighty Whitie Tuesday.

He’s sporting some low-rise classic Jockey y-front briefs (size 34) today and oooo-doggy, he’s looking mighty fine in them.  Fills them out nicely, wouldn’t you say (raises eyebrows repeatedly while nodding approvingly).

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Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday, y’all!

P. S. I’m also publishing a set of photos of me in the same size, same style briefs…but they are pics from a couple years ago.  You can check that post out be clicking HERE.

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