Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 6AUG19 (him)

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Brooks Brothers Tighty Whitie Boy

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday everybody.  Today I have a two-post treat for you all: a pair of Tighty Whitie Boys in matching shirts but showing off different tighty whitie brands…his are Brooks Brothers and mine are Staffords.

I picked up these Brooks Brothers briefs from one of two places: could have been a local outlet mall OR it could have been at an airport Brooks Brothers store.  If I had to bet, it was likely an outlet store.  Anyway, I sent him (my boyfriend) a pair or two out of the packs I bought…you know, just to see how they looked on him.

He obviously looks WAY good in them, don’t you think?  Even did some “showing off” for me (and subsequently, you).

I got us the Tighty Whitie Boy t-shirts after seeing them on tumblr…I found them on Amazon.  The photo (bottom-right) is clickable and will link to Amazon’s page for the t-shirt in case you’re interested in getting one for yourself (no, I’m not the one selling them).

Click here to see my post for today’s Tighty Whitie Tuesday.

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