Tighty Whitie Tuesday – 9JUL19 (me)

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Comfneat White Briefs

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday everybody!!  I just got these Comfneat white brief tighty whities in the mail yesterday and had to run them through the washer and dryer so that I could wear them for this most special day of the week (tighty whitie Tuesday).

Let’s see…what can I say about these underwear?  I got them from Amazon. They come in a 7-pack for about $30 (pretty good deal since I don’t really balk at paying $40 for one pair…e. g. Tiger Underwear).  They are all of the same pattern…meaning they have fluer-de-lis icons all over them in contrast colors.  So, on these white ones, the icon is black; other’s have…oh wait, I’ll steal the graphic from Amazon and you can see (see last pic).

Anyway, they are 100% cotton, which is not always a favorite of mine, but these are really soft; I really like the styling too…they’re different.  I think they’re made in China, so I guess that means it’s an Asian style.  I don’t care…I like them.  I bought size medium and they fit just right!  I read some reviews that stated the waistband rolls a lot when/if you have a belly: this has not been my experience thus far…but maybe my belly isn’t that big?

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  1. Avatar

    I really do like these on you and would sure like to maybe see them on you, in person someday, if possible?
    Didnt watch the video though, being at work so I can watch later and will get back to you then. and your belly is just fine!!! I love it and love resting my head on it and your chest…
    I miss it and miss you/us.😥🤗😘🥰😍

    • UndieFan

      I am CERTAIN you will see me in them in person someday.

      I miss you whole bunches and lots, too.

  2. Avatar

    Hi hi Buddy Bear 🧔🐻,
    I just watched the video and was wondering
    1. Does the tag on the front become bothersome or “itchy” under your belly, there?
    2. Does the tag on the back become scratchy/itchy/bothersome ?
    Thanks. Okie dokie, time to make a ni nite me thinks…



    • UndieFan

      Yay! Thanks for watching it.

      I didn’t have an issue with either of the things you asked about. The front logo, in my opinion, is positioned in such a way that it’s not on the upper edge of the waistband, so I didn’t have any issues with that. Also, typically I don’t like tags in the bag at all, but I didn’t notice it as a bother either.

      I hope you slept well.

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