Tighty Whities with Button

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Stafford Tighty Whities

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday!!  I hope everyone’s having a great day; I sure am…I mean, seriously, it’s TIGHTY WHITIE day…what could be better?!?!?  Well, I can think of some stuff…like having “fun” in tighty whities, for instance.

Anyway, this set of photos is mostly of my boyfriend wearing some wonderfully white Stafford (they might even be some vintage Towncrafts…I’d have to be on-site for a closer inspection) briefs.  And look: he’s also wearing one of the cool Tighty Whities buttons I designed and had made (he pinned his button in a couple positions and got great shots and close-up photos).  One of the pictures below is of me in similar garb…sporting a button just like his.

We’re so great together…we love matching our underwear.  Even when we’re apart, we are so together.  I wuvs him so much!

Have a great week tighty whities lovers!

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