White Cotton-Stretch Jockeys

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White Cotton-Stretch Jockeys

My photo archives indicate that these selfies were taken in late May of 2018, but for the life of me I cannot remember where they were taken.  One thing I AM sure of is: they were taken in a bathroom stall.

These are some low-rise cotton-stretch Jockey white briefs.  I have a wonderful assortment of colors of these, but these are one of my favored pairs.  I like the red ones I have as well that I like a lot.  They are a cotton/spandex blend which offers a great combination of comfort and support.

I’m not certain whether Jockey still offers these sweet underwear as part of their line, but if you find some, they are well worth having in your collection of tighty whities.

Below is a video of me in these underwear (from another time…different shirt, obviously).

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