Woodworking in the Garage

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White Star Trainers

In the summertime here in the Midwest, it is usually really hot…even by 10 in the morning.  I do most of my woodworking in the garage because it’s somewhat cooler.  A lot of time, though, I will do my wood crafting in my underwear.

In fact, I took these selfies last week.  I got up and practically headed straight out to the garage to do some finish-up work on a trim piece.  Still in the underwear (which happen to be Star Training Pants, actually) I wore to bed, I just slipped on my socks and shoes and out I went.

By the way, Star Training Pants are really thick underwear like you might have worn as a toddler.  They are, basically, a diaper…more of minor incontinence…but I don’t wear or use them for that.  I like them a lot (especially at night to sleep in) because they help be feel safe and secure…it’s like taking care of my inner child. Still, they are just fun to wear (as far as I’m concerned).  Also, it’s fun to do “big boy” stuff (woodworking) while wearing “little boy” underwears.

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