Working in Arena Swim Brief

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Arena Swim Brief

I don’t know if any of you has noticed or if you keep up, but when I do my woodworking (and other work, really) in the garage (my shop), I often can be seen and found wearing a speedo (swim brief) and a t-shirt with my socks, shoes, and cap….especially from spring through the fall, you know, when it’s warmer.

Earlier this week I was working on a gift for a friend; finishing it up by staining the project I had cut out with my scroll saw.  Anyway, a friend had messaged me asking what “speedo” I was wearing that day.  I had forgotten all about getting selfies; I was more concentrated on getting that stain applied in order to ensure it was completed.

Still, I took a moment to get this set of selfies and sent that friend a few preview photos. 

Anyway, here’s the set I took; I’m wearing a colorful Arena swim brief.  Like I told my friend, I don’t particularly care of this swim brief.  The leg openings aren’t even elastic…it’s annoying since it’s a bit small for me.  What I DO like about it is all the colors!

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