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“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I will be your safety trainer for today’s session.  Please pay very close attention to all I ‘show and tell’ as there will be a test at the end of the course…”

I must say, the idea of giving a presentation in this “outfit” is rather exciting.  Would any of you like to take this course?

Ok…so the real story here: I’m out of town on a business trip.  One of the customer visits I had to make requires a certain ensemble of personal protective equipment (otherwise known as PPE).  This included a high-visibility vest, a hardhat, and steel-toe boots.  I already had the boots (not shown), but I had to purchase the other two items.

Click to Visit Tiger UnderwearOnce I returned to my hotel room, I had to ensure it all fit.  (oh, and just so you know…yes, I strip down to my underwear as soon as I get to my hotel room)  I thought nothing of trying the safety gear on with just my underwear on.  I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought “these would be cool selfies to show the ‘class'”.

As far as the underwear goes: in this set of photos, I’m wearing some white trainers (4 layers thick in front and back…non-functional fly) from Tiger Underwear that have red dashes on the waistband (kinda hard to see…sorry).

Any takers on that safety class?  Uniform of the day will be proper PPE and tighty whities!

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